Funny Blonde Jokes

Two blondes fell down a hole.

One said, "It's dark in here isn't it?"

The other replied, "I don't know, I can't see"
Why did the blonde stare at the frozen orange juice can for 2 hours?

Because it said "concentrate"
Why can't a blonde call 911?

Because she can't find 11
So like, which one is closer, the moon or Chicago

Well duh, you can see the moon
Press any key to start

where is any key?!
What do you call a blonde with half a brain?

How do you get a blonde to marry you?

Tell her she’s pregnant
Doctor: "You're having twins!"

Girl starts to cry

"Aren't you happy?"

Blonde: "I am, but I don't know who the second father is!"
How can you tell when a fax was sent by a blonde?

There's a stamp on it
Why did the blonde buy a brown cow?

To get chocolate milk
Why wasn't the blonde afraid when she saw a shark while she was swimming in the water?

Because it was a man eating shark!
Why did the blonde sit on her watch?

She wanted to be on time
Why was the blonde running in circles around her bed?

She was trying to catch up on her sleep
Why is it impossible to tell a knock knock joke to a blonde?

Because she always leaves to answer the door
Why wasn't the blonde afraid when she saw a shark while she was swimming in the water?

Because it was a man-eating shark!
An amnesiac walks into a bar

He goes up to a beautiful blonde and says, "So, do I come here often?"
What did the blonde say when she looked into a box of Cheerios?

"Oh look! Donut seeds!"
Three blondes walk into a building

You’d think one of them would’ve seen it
Why did the blonde get fired from the banana plantation?

Because she threw out all the bent ones
What did the blonde say when she found out she was pregnant?

"Are you sure it's mine?"
I'm blonde. What's your excuse?
What do you call a blonde skeleton in the closet?

Hide-and-go-seek winner from last year
A blonde heard that accidents usually happen close to home

so she moved
Why was the blonde so proud of herself?

She finished a puzzle in 5 hours, the box said 3-5 years
How do you make a blonde laugh on Saturday?

Tell her a joke on Wednesday!
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