Funny Dad Jokes

Daughter: “How do I look, daddy?!”

Dad: “With your eyes, sweetheart.”
Son: Is this insecticide good for mosquitos?

Dad: Not at all, it kills them!
Dad, I’m hungry!

Oh hello Hungry, I’m Dad!

But I’m really hungry!

And I’m really Dad
I told my dad that he should embrace his mistakes

With tears in his eyes he hugged me and my sister
Son: "Am I adopted?"

Dad: "Not yet, it seems nobody is interested"
Why was the baby strawberry crying?

Because his mom and dad were in a jam
"I want to win 10 million in the lottery, just like my dad did!"

"OMG, your dad won 10 million in the lottery?!"

"No, but he always wanted to"
Daughter: "Mum, how long have you been married to dad?"

"Ten years."

"Oh, and how many do you still have left?"
Mom did my hair. Dad did my hair. Grandma did my hair. Sibling did my hair.
Dad, will you put my hair in a bun?
Hey dad, how do you feel about abortion?

"Ask your sister"

I don’t have a…
Dad, why did the chicken cross the road?

I don’t know, go ask your mother
My dad died due to us not being able to remember his blood type. As he dies, he kept insisting that we "Be positive", but it's hard without him
When mom is alone with the baby. When dad is alone with the baby
I would give my dad what he really wants on Father's Day

but I can't afford to move out yet
Why the long face dad?

Shut up, Bradley
Why the long face dad?

Shut up Bradley
My father suffers from short term memory loss

I hope it doesn't run in the family because my dad has it
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