Funny Funny Jokes

Daughter: “How do I look, daddy?!”

Dad: “With your eyes, sweetheart.”
When she jokes about you vs when you joke about her
Jokes about unemployed people are not funny

They just don't work
Jokes about PMS are NOT funny

Why don't aliens eat clowns?

Because they taste funny
I'm naturally funny...

because my life is a joke
What do you call a funny mountain?

Whenever I turn on the vacuum they huddle together like
It's behind me isn't it
What would you call a person who had no body and no nose?

Nobody knows
He texted me, "your adorable". I responded with "no, you're adorable" Now he thinks I like him when all I did was point out his grammar mistake.
Watches fast food documentary

I'm never eating fast food again

5 hours later
Mountains aren't just funny. They are hill areas.
Funny joke! You should tell that at parties
Why don’t cannibals eat clowns?

Because they taste funny
Yeah, I'm into fitness. Fit'ness whole burger in my mouth
This isn't even remotely funny
It's not funny when you're next
That was so funny I forgot to laugh
I don't care how funny you are, if I don't like you, I won't laugh
Oh grass you're so funny. Stop it
That's so funny! Even my camel got it!
I'm funny how? I mean funny like I'm a clown, I amuse use?
Funny thing. I just got back from the center of the universe... I didn't see you anywhere
Oh salad.. you're so funny!
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