Funny Yo Mama Jokes

Yo mama's armpit is so hairy it looks like she has Bigfoot in a headlock
Did your momma go skydiving?

i think I know where she landed
Yo mama so ugly...

One Direction when the other way
Yo mama is so ugly that...

well look at you
Yo mama's so dumb she studied for a blood test
Yo mama so fat

when you walk around her you get lost
Yo mama so stupid someone said Christmas was around the corner and she went looking for it
Why did the chicken cross the road?

Yo mama: (burps) What chicken?
Why did the chicken cross the road?

Because it saw yo mama approaching
Yo mama's so stupid she returned a donut because it had a hole in it
Yo mama is so stupid she stared at a box of juice cuz it said concentrate
Yo mama so ugly the forever alone guy denied her friend request
Yo mamas so fat

when she applied for internet access they denied her because she was already worldwide
Say a yo momma joke again I dare you.
Yo momma so ugly, even hello kitty said goodbye
Yo mama so stupid

she insults you with yo mama jokes
Yo mama so fat

when she goes camping bears hide their food
Yo mama so stupid she took a spoon to the superbowl
Yo mama so fat that I'm seriously concerned for her health
Friends joke with one another. Hey you're poor. Hey, your momma's dead. That's what friends do.
Yo momma is so short

When she went to meet Santa he said, "Get back to work!"
Yo mama is so stupid

she thought you were smart
Yo mama's so stupid

when I told her Christmas is right around the corner she went looking for it
Yo momma's so fat

When she looks at the restaurant's menu she says "okay"
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